The Parties

(all parties subject to venue and number of kids)

Kids Disco Glitter Tattoo Party (age 4yrs+)

A fun filled 90 minute party with over 80 different Glitter tattoos suitable for boys and girls, the latest chart music with really cool disco lights, Song/Dance Competitions (grab the mic and sing a song or duet), Party games and cool prizes. Great fun party for all ages….

Disco 2-3 Hour Party (age 9yrs+)

Our 7pm or later party is a hit with the older children. An energetic 2 or 3 hour disco with the latest chart music, professional sound and cool led disco lights, Glitter Tattoos, Party games, spot prizes and loads more. You can also be the “Star” of the Party, just grab the mic and sing or do a duet with a friend. A hassle free party for the parents! Communion & Christening Party (all ages) Our 2 or 3 hour party includes Mini Disco, Glitter tattoos or Balloons, Party games, competitions, prizes and loads more, This party can be customised to suit your venue. We can also continue the music on as long as you require (no need for another dj!) Christmas Party (all ages) 2 hour party of fun, Christmas music, mini disco, balloons, games, prizes and loads more.. Just some tips… Max 18 Kids for Glitter Tattoo Parties Please ensure there is enough room and good ventilation for the number of kids attending. Also recommend that Hand Sanitiser should to be used at intervals during the party. Use the main Birthday cake with candles for a photo shoot! and have a single cupcake with a candle on it for the birthday girl/boy to blow out so they don’t blow all over the main cake and the table full of goodies! Before sending out invites, check how much space you have.
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